Science and Pseudoscience

Believing in Climate Change

…I have a problem with this, and not just because I think ‘belief is the death of reason. I’m a  vaguely hippyish, Greenie type by nature. I used belong to CND. I buy organic and Fair Trade.  But I have a problem with Manmade Climate Change. I can’t join the party. Which is a shame because it’s a pretty cool one, and everyone who’s anyone is going.

My problem is I think Manmade Climate Change might be less a serious global issue for Real Grown Ups to worry about, and more a slightly embarrassing collision of human hysteria, venality and political opportunism. It’s become a mass movement in all the wrong ways and for all the wrong reasons. And worst of all it’s a mainstream Establishment-backed movement selling itself as marginal and oppressed so that millions of liberal, former hippy conscience-stricken idiots  (like me) are conned into thinking they are backing a persecuted minority view.

Stop and think. How many persecuted minority views get this much airtime? How many persecuted minority views end up on the front page of the NY Times  or the Independent? How many persecuted minority views have major politicians making movies about them?

None is how many. This is a persecuted minority view in an Armani suit and with a fleet of PR guys behind it. It’s  a slick fake  is what it is. As fake as the fake data that created the hockey stick we’re not supposed to remember any more, as slick as the PR that seamlessly  turned Global Warming into Climate Change as soon as people started noticing the globe wasn’t actually warming any more.

Not because someone conspired to fake it, but because it just kinda happened that way. Because  being a crusader even on a fake crusade offers instant meaning. Climate Change makes eco-heroes out of  all of us without us needing to do anything more strenuous than read a few headlines.  It lets us all belong to the biggest, safest, coziest persecuted minority there has ever been. And that’s pretty seductive. And a whole lot easier than thinking for yourself.

Not that I’m claiming manmade climate change is impossible. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. The jury is still out. The evidence so far inconclusive. What I’m claiming is that most of the people shrieking from the top of the bandwagon have no clue what the evidence is at all. They’ve grabbed a few headlines, identified an easy issue and just started wailing about how someone needs to think of the children.

Wish they’d stop. The racket is making it hard for the rest of us to think.

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