The Mystery of the Cooling Past

The image above is a graph showing the different global temperature figures released over the past few years by the University of East Anglia. The data is known as CRUTEM and is one of the key sets on which current changes in global temperature are measured. The red line is the most recent set of figures, known as CRUTEM4. The blue line is the previous set of figures, CRUTEM3 that was current until earlier this year.

Notice anything?

No? Look closer….

That’s right. In the new one the past is ever so slightly colder and the present is ever so slightly warmer.

Now that is interesting isn’t it. The authors of these sets tell us the adjustments were made in order to remove errors and make the numbers better reflect reality. That’s plausible in theory of course. Adjustments like that are made all the time.

But when we look at all the successive datasets we see that all of the ones adjusted have all been adjusted in the same direction – making the past cooler and the present warmer. So, are we supposed to believe all the errors needed to be adjusted in the same direction? What are the odds of that happening?

Or is it possible there’s something a little less respectable going on here?

Who knows?

This post on WUWT goes into the question more thoroughly…

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