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“1,000+ Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skeptic Arguments Against AGW/ACC Alarm” (wow, snappy)

The title says it all. Popular Technology has released links to over a thousand peer-reviewed papers it claims support skepticism about ManMade Climate change. Either they question the theory itself, or question the theory of positive feedback that would make the warming dangerously extreme.

The pro-AGW blog “Carbon Brief” (READ IT HERE) claimed (or at least implied) when a shorter list of papers (900) was released last year,the papers were all invalidated because “9 out of top 10 authors [were] linked to ExxonMobil”.

Is this true? Are 9 out of ten “linked” to Exxon, and does this invalidate their research?

Well, the answer to the second point is obvious: NO! The only thing that can invalidate scientific research is the science itself. Do these guys at Carbon Brief think Newton’s laws of thermodynamics would be be inapplicable if he’d been paid by some 17th C Exxon to do his research? Would they agree to someone dismissing all the data that comes out of Woods Hole because Goldman Sachs donate to them, and they have a vested interest in carbon-restricting legislation?

That kind of argument is redundant anti-intellectual argument from bigotry. For God’s sake guys, criticise the science, not the fekking people who paid for it.

But if you are going to take that line – then at least have the grace to be honest about it. Were Carbon Brief honest? Read the response from Popular Technology (HERE) and decide for yourselves.

Whole thing leaves you feeling a bit queasy. Inquisition not science is going on here.

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