About QS

Firstly I feel I need to say QS is my blog name. Not my real actual name. It’s kind of nice to get emails starting “dear Quid”, but also a little indicative of someone not paying attention. So, here is a little background .

“Quid Sapio” in Latin can be roughly translated (no, don’t comment me about the flaws) as “what do I know?” It’s meant to be cool and convey a sense of open-mined awe about the world and its infinite possibilities.

If it doesn’t, don’t tell me as it will only make me depressed.

Anyhow, I’m going by the name QS  because I’m on a little one-person crusade to make Uncertainty trendy. I think it’s undersold. It’s made to look uncool and weak, when really it’s powerful and exciting.

And  think about it – how many people has uncertainty ever killed compared to the millions destroyed by Belief?

Uncertainty isn’t about not having the courage of convictions, it’s about having the courage to remain unconvinced. It’s about resisting the need to align, sign up for a cause, take sides between opposing views, and being prepared to entertain all  possibilities , including those that that are unpopular, even scary.

I want to make this a little space in which anything is arguable.

It’s a personal thing for me. Because I  think  ‘maybe’  is the best word ever.

And chocolate is always a good idea.

One thought on “About QS

  1. You pose a question “how many people has uncertainty ever killed compared to the millions destroyed by Belief?”

    My guess would be fewer. But Im curious to why you put uncertainty on a scale against belief. The antonym of uncertainty would be certainty, the antonym of belief would be disbelief.

    Scientists talk about quantifying their certainty. Would you be prepared to quantify your uncertainty?


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